Explore What C++ Jobs Are — Read This Detailed Review

People say that C++ is a basic language yet top applications like Amazon and Microsoft Office are built using C++ extensively.

Did you know that PUBG and other popular games are built with C++ as the primary programming language?

C++ can take you to better positions than you can imagine. That is why we have compiled all the information you need to confidently apply for C++ jobs.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Jobs Prefer C++?

C++ is the most preferred programming language for game design jobs. Unreal engine which builds the famous games of today’s age uses C++.

As a programming architect, you will lead the developer team to monitor and design client-specific applications.

Embedded engineer jobs also require C++ a lot. C++ forms their foundation on which they work on hardware and software components of a system.

Apart from these C++ jobs, there are developers, QA engineers, and shell scripting roles where you will code with C++.\

The Complete Skill Set To Win A C++ Job

Technical expertise in C++ is non-negotiable. Having good knowledge of C++ helps you climb higher in your team.

Apart from C++, some of the technical expertise you need include:

Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming. This makes transitioning to web development roles easier.
A good understanding of Operating systems, Kernel, and Shell scripting.
The ability to design high definition gaming applications using the best in class gaming engines.
A deep understanding and hands-on experience using C++ libraries such as Asio C++ library, Cinder, and OpenCV.

If C++ is a new language that you are willing to learn and master, these are the prerequisites:

Aptitude and problem-solving skills — when you are strong in solving problems, you have a strong base to transition to any language you like.
Efficient in time management — getting tasks done before the deadline is a part of your daily routine. The more efficient you are, the better.
A certificate helps. Here is a course on Data structures and OOPS in C++ on Coursera.

When you apply for a C++ developer job, a personal portfolio helps a lot. Be it Behance or Dribbble, you can set up a developer portfolio and showcase your potential.

The Tasks You Have In Different C++ Jobs

To be specific, some of the common tasks will be to create error-free code. It’s as simple as that.

As a game designer, here are some things you will do:

Come up with new game ideas and upgrade for the existing versions.
Design the layout and niche for the game.
Test and fix bugs from the designer’s end. Run the code through frequent quality checks.
Manage the payments made through the platform.

C++ engineers share similar tasks that any other developer has:

Optimize the code and create test cases from the programmer’s end.
Develop new modules and work on the bugs assigned to you.
Report to the team about your daily tasks and the progress.
Plan the strategy to develop large modules with new functionalities.

Compensation Breakdown — How Much You Can Earn In A Job With C++

Okay, the technicals are done. Now for the fun part. How much can you expect in a C++ job?

Here is what we have discovered.

In a mid-senior position in India, game designers earn about ₹ 12,25,526 a year which is more than the average developer’s salary. In Japan, the paycheck is ¥4842497 a year whereas Singapore offers S$58,958 a year.

Embedded engineers in Singapore get a handsome salary of S$58,910 per year. India’s embedded engineers get ₹4,86,423 a year whereas Vietnam offers 209,000,000 VND as the annual salary.

The average salary for other roles are listed below:

Programming architect — ₹ 12,29,287 a year.
C++ developer — ₹ 8,41,410 a year.
Shelling scripting — ₹4,70,243 a year.

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